martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Book recommendation: Frankenstein

Resultado de imagen de frankenstein

Mary Shelley.
A mad scientist made a creature from different parts of dead people and used the energy of a lightning to make it alive. It was very ugly but it wasn't bad. The creature escaped from Doctor Frankenstein's house and when the people of the town saw him, they got scared and wanted to kill him.
But he had a good heart and saved one woman and her daughter that were in danger. Doctor Frankenstein's creature only wanted to be like a normal person.
It is an amazing story that has a beautiful message: your beauty is inside you. So it is better to be ugly and a good person than beautiful but bad. It is not really a terror book. It is a nice story. If you like storeies about friendship, this is your book.
1º ESO.

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